Our experts will take care of your consignments from the moment of interception, through an estimation of warehousing conditions to packaging and sending them further.

Safe storage of cargo with WEST LUX

What does the WEST LUX storage offer include?

  • Acceptance and unpacking of goods
  • Discharge of containers
  • An assessment of storage conditions
  • Repackaging
  • Preparation of cargo
  • Safe storage adjusted to a client’s requirements
  • Systematic inspection of products (particularly taking into account expiry dates and serial numbers)
  • Customised and bulky goods service

We guarantee diligence, safety and high quality of storage services. We have the latest infrastructure, qualified staff and enormous experience. Moreover, we use innovative solutions and standards, binding in the largest companies of this kind in the world.

Storage in accordance with a technical specification

We guarantee taking into account any quality or sanitary standards. Through modern monitoring the warehouses, we provide quick identification of products along with their specifications. We are the leader in the logistics industry.

Maximum safety is our priority. Thus our facilities are controlled and monitored 24 hours a day. Additionally, all our warehouses are located in the key points to make the process even more efficient. Safety - speed - effectiveness count.

In case of any doubts, our advisors are at your disposal.

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