Natural broadening of the offer of WEST LUX is a country-wide comprehensive customs service. We confirm our professionalism with proper certificates. Extended technical infrastructure allows us to guide your order through difficult clearance process. For that purpose we have a network of warehouses for the Community goods, temporary storage facilities and bonded warehouses.

Customs agency with legal support

We offer you professional and efficient customs services in well-developed network of customs agencies. In contrary to other companies, we may offer you support in the scope of doubts related to legal issues. Our advisers will help you to dispel any doubts.

We are aware of the number of formalities and how complicated clearance of goods is. As experienced specialists, acquainted with complicated clearance procedures, we offer performance of this work for you.

Why it should be our agency service?

  • Proceedings in accordance with any international agreements and procedures
  • Securing the goods
  • Going through clearance
  • Safe storage of goods
  • Required insurance policies
  • Expert advice
  • Regular contact with a Client

We are the leader in the industry specializing in both import and export. We provide our clients with securing tax customs duties, while providing essential guarantees.

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